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Curriculum Vitæ
Personal information
Surname(s)/First name(s)Nastasi Matteo
Address(es)15, Silvio Pellico Street, 24124, Bergamo, Italy
Date of birth26 June 1974
Work experience
Dates03/2012 - today
Occupation or position heldSenior Software Engineer.
Main activities and responsabilitesGlobal architecture enhancement, development infrastructure consolidation, software packaging management, team's growth.
Name and address of employerGEM - Global Earthquake Model Fundation, 5, Ferrara street, 27100 Pavia - Italy.
Type of business or sectorThe foundation mission is create and spread uniform and open standards to calculate and communicate earthquake risk worldwide.

Dates10/2011 - 03/2012
Occupation or position heldSenior Software Engineer - Database Replication Specialist.
Main activities and responsabilitesAnalysis, implementation and mantainance of a geographical replication of a Mysql DBMS. Currently he is working on the analysis phase of a software that play the 'transformer' job for replication between two DBMS of different generations to allow database upgrade with a minimal down of services
Name and address of employerLucini & Lucini Communications Europe, 5, Libertà avenue, 23875 Osnago - Lecco - Italy.
Type of business or sectorLeading company in e-mail marketing, operates on a global level guaranteeing the delivery of approximately 61 millions e-mails every day.

Dates08/2003 - 9/2011
Occupation or position heldSenior Software Engineer - Team Leader.
Main activities and responsabilitesDesign and development of the software that exposes at high-level the multimedia functionalities of the used hardware giving generally the services for the user applications with that they are interfacing; developed in C and C++ for more embedded platforms, this application's based on a multi-thread and object-oriented architecture. Superintendence of the development team dedicated to this program.
He has collaborate to the constitution of the corporate proceedings for the management of all the software life cycle (specifications, source versioning, build system, releases, testing, bug administration).
Responsible of the versioning systems of the sources and of the software application releases.
During this activity has been made software porting to the Broadcom platform – before Sigma Design and VWeb – always minimizing the behavior differences of the API showing by us against heterogeneous hardware.
Agile development methodologies (XP, scrum, pair programming…) have been obtained and used by all the teams.
2008 - 2011: he got the team-leader's and software-architect's role, he had involved in the design of new software functionalities and he coordinated the work with other teams, acting like interface with the project manager.
2005 - 2008: he held the position senior developer and, beyond software development, he followed the selections of junior members of the team and he took care of their growing.
2003 - 2004: he joined the company as developer to design and develope of the multimedia middleware core, building from scratch all required software infrastructures (libraries, versioning system, etc).
Name and address of employerTVBLOB S.r.l., 9 Paisiello Street; 20131 Milan, Italy.
Type of business or sectorStarting from zero the company had been able to complete all the software provided with digital-terrestrial/internet set-top-box “Hibrid Blobbox” of Telesystem arriving first of 13 products of the same segment on the pages of the monthly PC Professionale of March 2011, conquering their “PC Professionale Gold”.

Dates01/2002 - 08/2003
Occupation or position heldAnalyst Programmer.
Main activities and responsabilitesMember of the Research and Development Group. He has projected and realised a graphic application for the web pages customisation oriented to the enjoyment of the video streaming or video on demand.
He has projected, developed and oriented a system composed by a video-server with four telecameras situated on a pole at 90 degrees among them and one meteorological control unit.
This apparatus allowed to download from a mountain resort where the apparatus has installed every 5 minutes the 4 photograms and the meteorological data into a central server.
One time arrived the images were processed to minimise the differences of the form and the colour in proximity to the junction lines and at last assembled on the internal faces of one virtual cube where at the centre was situated the observer to generate a panorama of 360°.
Data and panorama at 360° were enjoyable for the web user through one Java navigation applet reachable through a promotion tourist web site.
Name and address of employerDigital Identity S.r.l., 29 Bellini; 20095 Cusano Milanino (MI), Italy
Type of business or sectorCompany leader in Italy in the sector of the video streaming.

Dates09/1998 - 12/2001
Occupation or position heldAnalyst Programmer.
Main activities and responsabilitesDevelopment of engines for the support of the protocols HTTP, Telnet, FTP and SMTP client side for one communication program on web/serial, development of a wiki engine to pass after into the team of the production of the applications sold and used from the company.
Name and address of employerDynamica S.r.l., 7 Sidoli, 20129 Milano, Italy.
Type of business or sectorCompany that work in the information technology sector from over 15 years with important outcomes in the field of transition of order between wholesalers and retailers.

Education and training
Dates11/1993 - 06/1996
Principal subjects/Occupational skills coveredPhysics, Mathematical Analysis.
Name and type of organization providing education and trainingUniversity of the Studies of Pavia, course of degree in Physics.

Dates09/1988 - 06/1993
Title of qualification awardedHigh-school diploma in Computer Science.
Principal subjects/Occupational skills coveredComputer science, Systems, Mathematics.
Name and type of organization providing education and trainingI.T.I.S. “E. Molinari”, 110/108, Crescenzago, 20132 Milan, Italy.
Level in national or international classificationSecondary education of second degree.
Professional skills and competences
Mother tongue(s)Italian.
European level(*)
ListeningReadingSpoken InteractionSpoken Production
B2Independent user
B2Independent user
B1Independent user
B1Independent user
B1Independent user
(*)Common European Framework of Reference (CEF) level
Social skills and competences During the last years I have the possibility to coordinate the people that working within team (foreigners too, mainly from remote, being scattered on all National Area), to interact with profit with the other groups of the company and with the foreign groups. In these situations he looked for a good maintenance of balance between the opening toward the proposals of the members of the team and the respect of the specifications established at the beginning of the project.
Organizational skills and competences Management of our team and of the project specifications matured during years, ability of comparison and to arrive to the efficacious solutions, always. In the other workplace: on November 2002 he was responsible of the “Linuxday@Feltrinelli” event for the Cultural Association MiLUG during he had obtained the abilities on a civic event in all of its aspects: logistic, coordination, communication, etc.
Technical skills and competencesOperating systems: a excellent knowledge of GNU/Linux - specially the Debian and Ubuntu distributions, from whom he learned the packaging techniques, a fair experience with the other Unix, and with the NT Windows system and the following.
Languages: a excellent knowledge of C and C++ languages, a fair knowledge of Java, knowledge of Lisp-Scheme.
Scripting Languages: a excellent knowledge of PHP (4 and 5) and Bash Shell Scripting, a fair knowledge of Python, Javascript, actionscript.
Markup Languages: a good knowledge od HTML (Web 2.0 tools included), CSS, XML/XSLT, SVG.
Assembly: a fair knowledge of Z80 assembly, MC68xxx and x86.
Toolchains: creation and use of the ambient for the cross-compilation (x86=>MIPS) under GNU/Linux.
Database: a good experience into the design and realisation of databases, SQL and Procedural Language pl-pgsql of the databases Postgresql and Mysql and for the latter: replication knowledge.
Versioning: a good knowledge of versioning system git and cvs, a fairly good knowledge of alternative systems like svn and bazaar.
Bug Management: a good knowledge of the web-application bugzilla (use and administration) for the notification and the tracing of the bug signalling from the testing team.
Design Tools: a good experience in the use of the UML diagram like compendium of the specifications, knowledge of the Patterns Design and the tools for the documentation like Dockbook and TeX/LaTeX.
Regression testing: a good experience in the development of the ambients for software testing, beginning from the single components of the library till the reproduction of complicated scenery like network atypical situations, malfunction of the disk or other.
Web Protocols: during the years he matured experience with the web protocols at application-oriented level and the knowledge of the packet forging.
Computer skills and competencesPC, Sun, IBM, Amiga, suite OpenOffice, management of the planning.
Artistic skills and competencesComputer-graphics, photo editing and image authoring
Other skills and competencesFounder member of the Cultural Association MiLUG (Milan Linux Users Group).
Driving licence(s)A and B (car and motorbike).
Additional information Online web-applications
Brisk - multi-user web based card game: real-time is achieved using dedicated push engine (php) developed by me. It is interfaced with Apache using an enhanced version of the apache-proxy-fdpass module and a custom PHP module to exchange sockets between processes in a Linux environment.

3gates - web infrastructure for strong authentication using National Services Card and its Certification Authorities, complete with CRL verification and automatic update.

Free software
Some projects sources at http://www.alternativeoutput.it/git.php

Publication on the official site of the Postgresql database of the article “Avoid overlapping intervals” (2001), having like subject the inhibition of the superimposition of the intervals through triggers func.

Publication on the italian review of astronomic culture “L'astronomia” (n.265, June 2005) of the article titled “Sleeping under the stars” having like subject a software conceived and developed from himself for the photorealistic and three-dimensional rebuilding of a part of the vault of heaven on a ceiling.

Personal interests
Astronomy, physics, reading, music.